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Peter Holthausen: "Bergmannsheil" Clinic in Bochum - Construction right on schedule

The houses number two and six belonging to the new functional complex that will replace the old examination and treatment wing of the hospital.

Holthausen Project Manager Arnold Steffen: "Our contract is worth 6.2 million Euros. The work is on schedule. Currently we are working on the construction of walls, columns and the ceiling in house six, which has a floor area of 2,500 m. We just run the extensive excavation work in house two with a floor area of 1,500 m. In the second basement reinforced concrete is carried out.

"Our goal is the completion of the shell construction on both houses until the end of August 2011," said Arnold Steffen.

As soon as the installation of window systems has been carried out we will start with the cladding and brick work. The composite work will be completed in June 2012.

The "Bergmannsheil" was founded in 1890 as the first casualty clinic in the world for unfortunate miners. Today, the "Bergmannsheil" is one of the most modern and most efficient emergency clinics and the University Hospital of Bochum. The modernization of the functional wing was an urgent need to respond to the increased demands.

Annually more than 19,000 patients are hospitalized and approximately 60 000 outpatients are treated in 22 departments with a total capacity of 622 beds. Bergmannsheil and its associated facilities and institutions employ over 2000 coworkers.

The construction of the functional center combines all essential departments to ensure rapid and improved treatment processes at a central location of the clinic. These include the reception center, the surgical center with fourteen operating rooms, intensive capacity of 56 beds as well as radiology and the central sterilization service of the clinic.

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